Introduction to Genetics and Important terminologies used in genetics

Genetics and Important Terminologies Used in Genetics The concept of genetics starts from the process of transmission of characteristics from parents to their offspring. Such transmission of characteristics is called inheritance. For more clear and better understanding, we can illustrate the fact with an example of a father, mother and their offspring. When we compare […]


Introductin to Biochemistry, Its relationship with diseases and medicine ; and important terms often used in Biochemistry

Importance of Biochemistry, Its relationship with diseases and medicine; and human genomes In this very first section of biochemistry, we are going to have an overview of biochemistry in the most concise language where we would be described in brief about the very basic aspects of biochemistry. Biochemistry, also known as the language of medicine […]



GENETIC MATERIALS, THEIR PROPERTIES, FUNCTIONS, STRUCTURE, AND THEIR REPLICATION What is genetic material The substance that is transformed from the parents to their offspring and help in providing them some kinds of resemblance between the parents and offspring or among the offsprings itself is called genetic material. Such genetic materials are found in the gene. […]

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