How to Make Skin Clean, Beautiful and Glowing: National Healthy Skin Month- November 2019

The sun, cool weather, dry air spoil the skin and make it dry and lifeless. By making some changes in your daily routine and ways of living, you can make the skin soft and shining like silk. Here are some methods, which will make your skin glow and look healthy. Today is 1st November! That means the start of National […]


How to be healthy

People suffering from many serious diseases will be ready to give anything for a healthy life. After all, when you lose your health, then only you understand that you were once healthy. To get healthy and take full advantage of what you’ve got, follow these recommendations. Eating a healthy diet Drink more water: Adult people should drink 2-3 liters of […]

How to lose 14kg weight in two months

Losing weight may seem like a difficult goal, but in reality, you can learn how you can reduce your weight by 14 kg in two months by wisely incorporating food and exercise into your daily routine. To lose such weight in a period of nine weeks, you will need a plan and dedication, but if you are determined in your […]