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How to lose 14kg weight in two months

Losing weight may seem like a difficult goal, but in reality, you can learn how you can reduce your weight by 14 kg in two months by wisely incorporating food and exercise into your daily routine. To lose such weight in a period of nine weeks, you will need a plan and dedication, but if you are determined in your mind, then you can achieve the goal.

  1. Know what you have in store:- Starting an article about weight loss, doing it this way is hardly motivating but it helps to chase the goal of losing weight: 30 pounds in two months ( 14 kg) is very difficult to lose weight. Trained doctors and dieticians believe that losing 1 to 2 pounds (.45 to 1 kg) of weight per week is health-appropriate. But if you lose 3 pounds (1.4 kg) of weight per week for 9 weeks, then you reduce your weight loss goal even further. However, it is definitely possible to lose 30 pounds (14 kg) in two months, although it is different whether it is right from the point of view of health. To lose weight in a healthy way, the weight of fat accumulation has to be reduced without provoking the “starving response”. When you reduce your intake of calories too much, then your body feels that you are hungry, this actually causes weight loss from muscles instead of fat and this is not a good thing. In general, it is very difficult to lose weight even by eating less. When you completely reduce your calorie intake, your body has to go through very difficult times to actually lose weight. This concept is called “diet-induced adaptive thermogenesis”. Perhaps, it is a process necessary to survive or perhaps it is a way to maintain comfortable body weight for our body. Whatever it may be, it seems strange to hear that you need to take calories to lose weight.
  2. Know how many calories you burn to lose weight: One pound contains 3500 calories. This means that in order to lose one pound of weight, you need to burn more than 3500 calories than calories taken in a day. This is a lot of calories.
  3. Learn about other ingredients involved in weight loss: Luckily, humans can lose weight in many different ways. These include muscle loss, fat loss, and water loss. The loss of weight during two months is due to loss of water and it is fine. If you incorporate regular exercise and a spartan exercise routine along with your healthy lifestyle, then you will be able to achieve your goal.

  4. Set a weekly or monthly goal to keep yourself motivated: Many people start exercising and fail to see results immediately. When they plan to lose more than 15 pounds of weight, many types of stalemate are incomparably discouraged. They soon give up because their goals are very high and the results are very less. Victims of this dieting dilemma should instead of giving up, divide their goals into more manageable parts so that even if you fail to get immediate results, at least you are not discouraged and do not give up your goal.

    If you want to lose 30 pounds in two months, make small goals to lose 15 pounds every month or 3.3 pounds every week. Losing 30 pounds of weight may seem daunting. Losing 15 pounds of weight seems more manageable and losing 3.3 pounds of weight is absolutely feasible.

  5. Calculate the basal metabolic rate and consume fewer calories than the calories you spend: Basal metabolic rate is a calculation that typically calculates the calories you burn in a day. | Rather it is a part of a meal prepared for 2000 calories per day. As stated earlier, the key to weight loss is to consume fewer calories than the number of calories you spend during the day, so to lose weight it is very important to know how many calories you burn or spend in a day. Calculating your BMR or basal metabolic rate is very easy. Type “basal metabolic rate” in a search engine and enter your gender, age, length, weight, and pregnancy status.
  6. Don’t skip meals: Since the key to successful dieting is to consume fewer calories than the calories you spend, this method does not include skipping meals. Skipping food is a possible trigger of starvation reaction and stop eating food by being tempted by more greed.
  7. Eat lean protein: A high protein diet is essential for weight loss. Studies show that competitors who eat fewer calories through a high protein diet have been shown to have greater satisfaction and experience greater satisfaction (less hunger) than before starting such a diet. Sources of great protein include: Lean meats like turkey and chicken breast Fish like tuna Lean dairies such as skim milk or cottage cheese or low-fat yogurt Soya-products, such as tofu Beans and legumes such as beans and pulses
  8. Prefer complex carbohydrate over ordinary carbohydrate:- There is a difference of ground and sky between complex and simple carbohydrates. Ordinary carbohydrates such as white bread, soda pop, and cookies have a simple chemical composition that our body digests relatively quickly; And most of its excess amount is stored as fat or fat. Complex carbohydrates such as jimikand, brown rice, and zucchini have more complex chemical structures and are digested in the body after a long period of time, meaning that you have a feeling of the full stomach for a long time, which reduces these chances. Is that the carbohydrate you eat will accumulate as fat. When you have to choose between simple and complex carbohydrates, choose complex carbohydrates: Choose whole-grain bread instead of white bread Choose whole grain pasta instead of “normal” pasta Choose brown rice over white rice Choose vegetables like broccoli instead of starch-rich potatoes Choose nuts, beans, and beans over sugars, sodas, and sweets. 
  9. Choose healthy fats instead of unhealthy fats:- Not all fats should be discarded. Broadly speaking, there are two types of “healthy” fat and two types of “unhealthy” fat. Including some healthy fat in your diet can help you stay healthy even after losing weight. “Mono” and “polyunsaturated fat” are considered healthy fats for humans and can be safely added to the diet. Examples of monosaturated fats include avocado, nuts. , Olive and pumpkin seeds. Examples of polyunsaturated fats are omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon fish and flax seeds. Avoid “saturated” and “trans fats”: These fats are not only bad for cholesterol levels, which increases your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases, but they also provide no real nutritional benefits. Is When you are dieting, you should especially stay away from them.
  10. Eat a balanced diet:-  Even when you eat a healthy diet, it is possible to consume more of a particular type of food and the health benefits of other types of food may be ignored. So if you want to lose weight, keep a good balance in your diet by taking fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts, fish and lean meats. Especially try to stay away from fatty foods, over-cooked foods, “snack foods”, sweets and baked cheese.
  11. Follow the Atkins diet: This is a low-carb diet that forbids the ingestion of total carbohydrates in lieu of protein and certain fats. People taking the Atkins diet are encouraged to eat foods with a low glycemic index. Eating a hamburger with patty and vegetables without a bun may be an example of an Atkins diet.
  12. Adopt a south beach diet: Although the South Beach Diet is similar to the Atkins Diet, there are two differences to note: The South Beach Diet prohibits “unhealthy” fat but prompts adjustments to healthy fat. The South Beach Diet does not count carbohydrates. Instead, it only encourages dieters to take carbohydrates with low sugar or low glycemic index.

  13. Lose weight with the Mediterranean diet: This diet motivates dieters to eat Mediterranean foods that are commonly eaten in Spain, Italy, Greece, and Crete. Many people from these areas eat them regularly:

    Medium amounts of fish and poultry and small amounts of red meat Many seasonal plant foods and vegetables Fresh fruit as a dessert Olive oil Cheese and yogurt as main dairy foods Small to medium amounts of wine

  14. Use weight watchers pro points: Weight Watchers Supporter or Weight Watchers is a popular weight loss program in which anyone can sign up. In this, they give pro-points based on several important factors such as age, gender, and weight; Food-based scales are assigned. A person is allowed to eat any type of food items within the relaxation of his given points.
  15. Become a vegetarian: Although, it is not a traditional diet, when it comes to losing weight, there are many benefits to becoming a vegetarian. Studies have found that vegetarians lose weight in less than five years compared to meat-eaters. Also, since you are a vegetarian, it does not mean that you necessarily eat the right food. Despite being a hardcore vegetarian, there are many junk foods that cause weight gain. Think about becoming a vegetarian, if you think it will help you eat healthily.
  16. Maintain consistency: Do some exercise every day. It is important to maintain consistency to lose weight. Take a walk, play sports or do other exercises on a regular basis during your day time which will help you in weight measurement for two reasons: Instead of a big change, you will lose a little weight over time. It is easier to lose 6 pounds of weight per day. Exercise twice daily or twice a week and lose 1 pound or 0.45 kg of weight per day.
  17. Exercise with a friend:  Exercising with a friend is a good way to keep yourself highly motivated. When your friend is waiting for you to come to the gym, it becomes difficult to skip exercise even for a day. Not only this, but this is the best chance to strengthen your relationship with your friend.
  18. Adopt interval training: This involves prolonging short bursts of distasteful activities and has been found to be particularly effective in burning calories. For example, a distance of one mile. Instead of circling around the track four times at a uniform speed, run three times at regular speed around the track and run as fast as possible for the fourth time. Interval training is not only more effective in burning calories than traditional exercise but it is also more efficient.
  19. Exercise when you have the most energy: Some people are acting like a bird in the morning, then some people are like night owls and take a little more time to increase their speed. Whatever type of person you are, whenever you can really start, then try to exercise. It is not necessary that you exercise only when your stomach is empty; If you start exercising at the right time, you will get a lot of benefits in the future.
  20. Keep your motivation close to your heart:- You want to lose weight and lose weight quickly. Whatever the reason for losing weight, just keep it close to your heart and whenever you feel that you cannot do it then you will be motivated to move forward. There will be a time when you will want to give up your weight loss goal in the middle and you will feel that you have done everything you could and the desire to leave the goal will be very intense. At that time you will need to constantly uplift your motivation or keep yourself constantly encouraged. Your inspiration can be: A friend or a member of the family; Maybe you can lose weight only by being inspired by them. A commercial athlete; Maybe you always want to look like them. A remedy or cause; Maybe you are very concerned about improving your health and want to experience better every day. As a challenge; Because you know you can do this.
  21. Get enough sleep: Researchers at the University of Chicago found that people who slept 8.5 hours a night were able to lose 55 percent more body fat than those who slept 5.5 hours. (ghrelin) the hormone can increase and Ghrelin increases the appetite of the person which can affect the fat stored in the body.

  22. Do aerobics, otherwise exercise called cardio:– Cardio offers many very specific health benefits along with the best ways to lose weight and burn fat. It improves respiration, gives strength to the heart muscle, reduces depression and reduces stress. Here are some cardio exercises by which you can try to lose weight fast:

    swimming, running, cycling, boxing, walking.

  23. Try to play team sports:- Team sports are great for encouraging people to go the extra mile because it makes a lot of exercise. Most of the time, people who keep themselves busy in the competitive aspect of the game burn a lot of calories in many hours. Join a local internal team or play with your friends or colleagues by forming your own team. Here are some popular sports that are good for burning calories: Play basketball: It is said that running on the playground helps burn 812 to 946 calories per hour. Play soccer: This sport is notorious for its grueling speed and constant running, but playing soccer can burn you 740 to 860 calories per hour. Play Hockey: Being a purely physical sport, playing hockey can help burn around 500 calories per hour. Play Football: Although it is difficult to say exactly how many calories can be burned by playing football, according to a general estimate, 200-pound players who play football burn 900 calories.
  24. Play a solo game: Test your determination and stability with a single game. Single games are played in many ways that show you how much you want to go towards your goal. These are tests in which you have to run your body on a line, but to show it, walk on it with something. On being successful in it, you get fame or in our case, there is a reduction in calories. Do rock climbing: Although it does not sound like a workout like a basketball or a soccer, rock climbing can actually reduce calories. As expected, 810 to 940 calories each burn on intense rock climbing. Do skiing or snowboarding: It is expected to burn anywhere from 640 to 980 calories per hour.

    Play tennis: Tennis can be a tiring sport. Tennis can help burn around 400 calories per hour, with essentially small bursts of speed or rapid jerking and the best harm to the eyes and head.

  25. If you are ready for it, then run in a half marathon:– As mentioned earlier in this article, the half marathon is the best way to lose weight. Yes, it is tiring, punishing your body, but at the end of the day, it is a test of your willpower more than your body. But, if you complete the marathon, then be ready for the incomparable bounce and the same feeling as touching the sky. Of course, in terms of calories, a marathon is a good option. You should train yourself for a marathon. You cannot expect to push your body into a limit without any training. It requires several hours of running, burning countless calories in training. Through its training, you can expect to get more powerful results.
  26. Include strength training in your exercise:- When effective dieting and targeted aerobic exercise are combined with strength training, this combination can help you “completely” lose weight, which is why many fitness experts call it Involve them in your training program. If you start strength training, not only will you burn fat, but you will also get thin and attractive muscles in place of this fat. Also, strength training has been proven to help burn calories from your muscles even after finishing the exercise. When choosing exercise in strength training, remember to choose a large muscle group. These exercises are included in this but they are not just limited to this, other exercises can be adjusted other than these: Do squats, Do front kicking or front lunges, Exercise fat-burning kettlebells in a minute Exercise with squat thrusts, Burpees, Queue up, Do pull-ups, Do push-ups exercises.

  27. Do not be disappointed if you do not get immediate results: two months is a long time. Even if you are not able to lose 30 pounds in the end, you still have a lot of time to make a complete difference in your look and your experience. As it is being said that many people want to see results immediately and when they cannot see then they get disappointed. They exercise for a week and are barely able to shake the scale or scale. They think, “If there is no difference, then why should I punish myself like this?” And give up his goal. This is called the plateau effect. To win this plateau effect, you need to vary your diet and exercise.
  28. Know that you cannot reduce the weight of any part of the body: The remedies that tell you that you can only reduce your belly without losing weight anywhere else are called “spot reduction” and spot reduction is complete Myths have been proved.  The body can and does break down fat from any part of the body for fuel, so do not expect that you can only reduce the fat in your stomach or thighs and Apart from this, fat will not be reduced anywhere.
  29. Drink mainly water: If you are really serious about 30 pounds of weight loss, then you cannot accomplish this goal. Water is clean, full of freshness, adequate and most of all essential calorie-free, while other alternatives to water such as soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, and other calorie drinks ultimately do not meet your goal. To feel full before meals, drink a glass of water immediately before meals. This will fill the extra space of your stomach with water and you will eat less than you would on an empty stomach. Keep in mind that you should eat foods rich in nutrients so that you do not feel hungry for many hours.
  30. Have a complete breakfast, all lunch and a light dinner: You must have heard the saying, “Have breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince and have dinner like a beggar.” Doing this will help your body to give its metabolism the right start and prepare it for the coming day. Skipping breakfast means that you are asking your body to fast for 15-20 hours. When this happens, the body is unable to produce the necessary enzymes that effectively metabolize fat and fails you in your goal. If you feel hungry, have a healthy, nutritious breakfast in between meals. Take dinner as lightly as possible: Many people say that your metabolism slows down during the night, so it is very difficult for your body to digest large amounts of food during the night. But there is no scientific evidence behind this suggestion, but it is a good reason to make the dinner light. The foods that are harmful to us at night are snacks, ice cream, candies, and other foods.
  31. Have fun with weight loss methods: We all know that dieting can be a daily task but if you have a chance to make it fun and rewarding, do it. Thus, make dieting a sport – challenge yourself to maintain your body at up to 1500 calories for 5 out of 7 days a week. When you have completed this goal, reward yourself – if you maintain your weight loss even after completing the first month, then reward yourself by shopping for it. Whatever you do, do it with fun and your body will reward itself by doing so.

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